Before you redesign your website ...

Simplify. Clarify. Refocus.

Reveal hidden issues and spark new insights with a custom Website Opportunity Map

Our Website Opportunity Mapping service is based on a new concept called a Value Story Map - a simple but powerful way to understand how your customers make decisions, interpret experiences, and calculate the value of your brand.

Introducing Value Story Maps

About your current website ...

Does your website clearly communicate the unique value you offer?

Does it work as well for curious visitors, ready-to-buy prospects, and frequent users?

Are you planning a functional redesign, like making it mobile-ready, but wondering if it could also be made more meaningful?

If yours is like most company websites, there's good news and bad news:

Bad News / Good News ...

Hint: Your website may look professional and have all of the latest information, but if it doesn't improve your target customer's story, you are missing out on a big opportunity.

Why Likewhys?

At this point, you might expect to read about how we are a full-service design agency, ready and willing to swoop in and redesign your website.

Nope. We don’t do that

Because understanding the “why” behind customer stories is such a powerful predictor of success – and so often missing from website redesign projects – we have made it our one and only focus.

Instead of competing with professional web designers and marketing experts, we work with them. Our part is to supply the customer stories that bring the design goals into focus and connect the dots to real customer success.

Our Services

There are many ways to use value story maps to improve your customer experiences and outcomes. Likewhys currently specializes in Website Opportunity Maps, which use Value Story Maps to clearly highlight how your website is either helping or hurting your potential customer stories.

A website opportunity map is a quick and inexpensive way to bring your design and content goals into focus so you can increase customer conversions and satisfaction.

Everyone involved – designers, developers, marketers, and other key stakeholders – will gain the confidence that comes with real customer insight.

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