Our Services

Value story mapping reveals the sensemaking storylines and pivotal decisions that drive your customers to invest in your brand. Our unique approach is based on the latest cognitive science that reveals the surprising ways that humans actually make decisions and interpret value.

There are many ways to use value story maps to gain insight and improve customer experiences. We currently specialize in Website Opportunity Maps, which use value story maps to clearly highlight how your website is either helping or hurting your potential customer stories.

Website Opportunity Map

By seeing your current website touchpoints through the lens of your customers’ value stories, you will know where to invest in design or content revisions.

Your custom website opportunity map will answer these 5 strategic questions regarding your upcoming website design project:

  1. What types of customers should you be targeting?
  2. What pivotal decisions should you be targeting?
  3. What are the driving forces that will shape those decisions?
  4. What roles should your website play to get best outcomes?
  5. How can you lay the groundwork for better future outcomes in your customer’s journey?

You will notice that these questions make a big deal about something called a “pivotal decision”. This is because what matters most to your brand’s success is certain key decisions along your customer’s journey.

Your website opportunity map will zero-in on how your customer makes those pivotal decisions and what you can do to get the outcomes you are hoping for.

How it works

Here are the steps to get your custom website opportunity map:

  1. You fill out a brief questionnaire about your goals and concerns and customers.
  2. We will review your information and then conduct a brief (and 100% free) preliminary website analysis.
  3. If it looks like developing a website opportunity map could help, we will send a summary of our preliminary analysis and a proposal that clearly shows what to expect if you decide to work with us.
  4. At this point, you can say "no thanks" - we'll still be grateful for the opportunity to share our new value story mapping concept - or you can give us the green light and we'll get to work.
  5. Finally, in about two weeks (or sooner, by arrangement) we deliver your custom website opportunity map.
What you get

The final deliverable will be a website opportunity map that illustrates up to three key scenarios in which your website will play an important role in the story of a particular customer type.

Each value story in the website opportunity map will include:

How much it costs

We typically charge $450 for a website opportunity map, sometimes less, rarely more. In any case, you will receive a clear proposal that will spell out the cost of our recommended service for your unique business.

We are always happy to look for creative ways to adjust our services to meet your needs and budget.

Your next step

No need to commit to anything at this point. We know you want to be sure that your investment in a website opportunity map will be one that you will be genuinely happy to have made. We want the same thing.

Simply get in touch for a free preliminary website analysis with no obligation whatsoever. You will be glad you did!