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Value Story Bundle
Re-Energize Your Customer Focus
1) The Full 5-Module Value Story Mapping Course
Lifetime access to the full course on value story mapping, including future upgrades.
2) A Custom Value Story Map
Bring an existing customer journey map into better focus by upgrading it to a value story map. You provide the original customer journey research results for a key target customer type and then let us do the rest.
3) A Custom Explainer Video
We create a short, highly engaging, animated explainer video based on your custom value story map. You have your choice of:

Option 1: A customer-facing explainer video that clearly presents the unique value of your products and services.

Option 2: An internal explainer video you can share across your organization to spark customer empathy among current team members, onboard new employees, or just finally get everyone better focused on how to improve their customer touchpoints.
Special, limited-time offer: $995
The full course, a custom value story map, and a custom explainer video would normally cost $3,490.

Why the deep discount?
We want to introduce value story maps more widely to more customer experience professionals and learn how to make the final course content even better!
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