About your current website ...

The Bad News

If all your website is doing is dishing info and looking pretty, then it’s not working smart enough.

That means you have to work harder at everything else to get more new customers or to keep your current users happy.

First-time website visitors are a special challenge. They're impatient. They’re skeptical. They scan a company’s home page for a few seconds and then bail out. Those who do poke around are looking for clear signs of value and relevance – and often not finding it.

How many potential customers are you missing every week, every day, or in the last few minutes, because your website doesn't seem relevant from your impatient visitor's point of view?

And if you’re ignoring your website because you think social media has taken its place, there’s more bad news: Facebook and other platforms are great for certain types of customer conversations but your company website is the only thing that is 100% yours.

Your website represents your brand in a way that no third-party website can and visitors will judge you accordingly.

Far from irrelevant, your website matters more than ever!

The Good News

The stakes are high but there is good news: You can boost your website’s effectiveness without adding a lot of fancy technology or spending a lot of money.

In fact, many websites only need a few minor tweaks to start resonating with customers in a much more powerful way.

The secret? It’s all about understanding your customers’ stories and how your website touchpoints can be designed to make those stories better.

In other words, it’s all about personal relevance. But how do you redesign a website to be more personally relevant when most of the content is static and every potential customer is unique?

The answer: By focusing on your most important customer types and targeting the next pivotal decision in their journey from curious prospect to loyal brand advocate.

We do this using a new method called value story mapping, based on the latest (and surprising!) cognitive science about how people make decisions and calculate value.

You don’t have to know the science. You just have to be able to “think in stories”. (If you’re human, you’ve got that covered.)

By seeing your website touchpoints through the lens of customer value stories, you'll see how even small changes in content or design can yield big results.

More new customers. Happier current users. You'll see.

Introducing Value Story Maps

Our Website Opportunity Mapping service is based on a new concept called a Value Story Map - a simple but powerful way to understand how your customers make decisions, interpret experiences, and calculate the value of your brand.
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