About Likewhys

Likewhys is on a mission to help companies understand how their customers intuitively calculate value. We specialize in using qualitative data to build sense-making stories that reveal the why behind your customers decisions and behaviors.

Why Value Story Maps?

Like customer journey and user experience maps, our Value Story Maps help our clients get out of their world and wake up to their customers' contexts and value systems. But Value Story Maps go even further by mapping out the actual customer sensemaking process, giving you the clues you need to improve your branded touchpoints
Photo of Michael Dennis Moore

Michael Dennis Moore

Michael is the founder of Likewhys and creator of the Value Story Mapping process. He has previously been a small business owner, marketing manager at a software startup, product manager at several companies including Apple, and manager of the Experience Design Group at Xerox.

Michael has a BA in Management from St Mary’s College of California and a Certificate in Software Engineering from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He lives with his wife, Autumn DeFore-Moore, in Newberg, Oregon.